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.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 Support

LibZ now supports .NET 3.5 host assemblies (NOTE: it always supported .NET 3.5 guest assemblies). You don't have access to MEF functionality, of course.

Support for .NET 2.0 is a little bit iffy. Using inject-dll is relatively safe as AsmZResolver uses mscorlib It does generate a warning, but it should be fine.
Attempting to inject AsmZResolver into assembly targeting framework ''.
AsmZResolver should work but is neither designed nor tested with this framework.

Please note, that I'm not planning to maintain .NET 2.0 compatibility.
I think .NET 4.0 is important as it is not possible to have .NET 4.5 on Windows XP (which is still 35% of the market), but .NET 2.0 can be easily replaced.

Using LibZ.Bootstrap.dll and/or instrument command requires .NET 3.5. If you perform this command on .NET 2.0 executable you will see different warning:
Attempting to inject assemblies into assembly targeting ''.
LibZResolver will work only if .NET 3.5 is also installed on target machine

Why a warning not an error then?

Detecting .NET 3.5 target is tricky. It references same mscorlib version as .NET 2.0 does. The difference is, by default, it also references System.Core version, but this reference can be removed. So there is no way (at least I didn't find any) to check if .NET 2.0 assembly is really targeting 2.0 or maybe 3.5 but not referencing System.Core 3.5. So, giving a benefit of a doubt, I assume it is 3.5 which just does not use 3.5 features.

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