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VidCoder is excellent application for video encoding. As a proof to myself I used it for testing. I am not it's author, I don't know the author, and I didn't touch the source code.
I just took some .NET application and tried to reduce the number of files.

The riddle of System.Data.SQLite.dll

VidCoder has two native assemblies: hb.dll and System.Data.SQLite.dll. There is a funny thing with SQLite assembly. It seems to be managed assembly but it P/Invokes itself so it requires to be physically in application folder. Strange. Why it wasn't done as mixed mode? I don't know. Anyway it cannot be embedded.

Test 1: Inject all .dlls into .exe

Inject all .dlls into main executable.

libz inject-dll -a VidCoder.exe -i *.dll -e *sql* --move


Test 2: Inject .dlls into external .libz container

Put all .dlls into .libz container and instrument main executable to use it.

libz add -l VidCoder.libz -i *.dll -e *sql* --move
libz instrument -a VidCoder.exe --libz-file VidCoder.libz


Test 3: Inject .dlls into embedded .libz container

Put all .dlls into .libz container, embed it into main executable then instrument it to use this container.

libz add -l VidCoder.libz -i *.dll -e *sql* --move
libz inject-libz -a VidCoder.exe -l VidCoder.libz --move
libz instrument -a VidCoder.exe --libz-resources


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